Fire on the Mountain

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An eclectic, comprehensive work, written by someone who’s been there!

172 pages (8.5” x 11”), with 115 photos, maps, and illustrations.


In recent decades, attention has been drawn to the Jabal al-Lawz mountain range in northwest Saudi Arabia as a possible location of the Mount Sinai of the biblical Exodus. Within this range, Jabal al-Maqla has been singled out as a candidate due to its geographical, archaeological, and geological character. But, corroboration has been limited by lack of access and objective data, sometimes leading to misstatements and flawed conclusions by investigators and critics alike. Although this work is not intended to verify a Mount Sinai location, it does aim to answer many questions about the Jabal al-Lawz region by providing a detailed geographical, archaeological, and geological overview.

In regard to geology, some investigators have opined that the black rock at the summit of Jabal al-Maqla represents granite that was “burnt” by supernatural heat during the Mount Sinai events. The propriety of this premise is assessed with geological data and analysis of rock specimens from the mountain.

An analysis of the biblical support for the “burnt mountain” proposition is also presented. The Bible depicts the phenomena at Mount Sinai as a theophany, using fire and smoke metaphors and similes, but it creates little expectation for supernatural geological change, regardless of the mountain’s location.