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The Lost Sea of the Exodus:

A Modern Geographical Analysis


by Glen A. Fritz, PhD

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This Second Edition is a rewritten and greatly expanded version of the 2007 first edition of The Lost Sea of the Exodus book. The new edition has 352 pages and 180 images, a large increase over the 240 pages and 100 images in the original edition.
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The original basis of this work was Dr. Fritz’s 2006 Texas State University doctoral dissertation, which meticulously addressed the most important geographical question of the Exodus: the identity of Yam Suph, the Hebrew name for the sea that was parted in the Exodus.

The Lost Sea of the Exodus book presents a comprehensive, scientific investigation that explains why the biblical Yam Suph can only be the modern Gulf of Aqaba. In the process, the popular, but faulty, “Red Sea” and “Reed Sea” traditions are fully explained and dispelled.

The Second Edition also presents the details of the likely Exodus route between Egypt and the sea. In the process, the mysteries surrounding the biblical locations of Etham, Pihahiroth, Migdol, Shur, and Baal-Zephon are solved.

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